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Our Team, Vision & Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to make 3D Printing more accessible to the world and its future generations of engineers by reducing education costs to $0 and providing learning opportunities.

Why? Because we believe everyone deserves a chance to build a better world. 

Our Vision

Our team hopes to build and maintain this website as a reliable and popular learning resource for everyone interested to pick up 3D Printing as a hobby or career path. We want to provide lessons that are easy to understand and fun to complete!


Our tutorials and exercises will always be free, no matter what. 

Hi! If you would like to see this page please visit our website on a desktop or tablet!

Thank you!

Meet the ROBOLEAGUE team


My name is Rebekah. This is my first time in robotics. I came to robotics to bond and create things with people who also love robotics. My favorite part about this team is that we fool around and have fun but still get our work done!


My name is Jacob, and this my first year in robotics. I joined the club because it sounded like it would be fun. My least favorite thing to do is doing MATH.


My name is Avyaan, and this is my 2nd year working in robotics. I came here to have a good learning experience to learn and code. My favorite thing is when we goof around, and the teachers yell at us to do our work. 


My name is Sophia, and this is my 3rd year of doing robotics. I joined robotics because i love making things while making friends even thought I'm shy ;D. My favorite part of doing robotics is while getting our work done while fooling around :d


I am William and I have been in ROBOLEAGUE since 3rd grade. I came here to meet new friends and wanted to have fun! I have enjoyed robotics for all those years! I don't like to finish everything last second.

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