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We are ROBOLEAGUE 3D Printing.

Our dream is to build a world where 3D printing is free, accessible, and fun for everyone. We want anyone to be able to freely explore and enjoy the infinite possibilities that the world of additive manufacturing offers.


Create unique designs of your wildest imagination and enjoy 3D printing with us!

Just one of the few awesome things you can build entirely on your own!
What will you build here?


3D Printing for everyone, everywhere.

Our Services:

The online printing community is thriving in 2023. Join our Discord server to meet and collaborate with fellow builders! Our server hosts monthly events to keep all our members connected. 

Open & Active Community

Want to get into 3D Printing but am not sure how to get started? Our free and engaging video lessons will help you embark on your 3D Printing journey. You will begin 3D Printing in no time at all!

Free 3D Printing Tutorials

Got something super awesome and cool to share to the world? Share your prints with us on our server! Don't use Discord? We utilize other social media platforms as well if you don't have Discord.

Sharing Platform

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